Unlock your 0 to 3-year baby's inborn genius & amazing abilities with our At-home Program for Parents & Caregivers

Research says 85% of brain development happens during the first 3 (precious) years of one's life.
Join our Program to know the following SUPER SECRETS about 'Raising a Prodigy Kid' during this precious window :

India's 1st 'Early Learning through Play' Raise a Prodigy Kid Missional Program, commanded by Prodigy Guide

PSK Introductory Program


A decade old Consultant to Baby & Infant care brands, redefining the Family Digital Experience | Founder of - Max Jaar (Get a Creative Edge) & Prodigy Super Kids (PSK) | Father & Early Learning Guide to an Infant and a Toddler

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Short Masterclasses on 'Early Brain Development in 0 to 3 Years' with PSK 'Learn-through-Play' Activities

How Does it Work?

⍟ You will be joining our 5-Day Online Program
⍟ Getting Daily Videos on - 'How to Raise a Prodigy Kid'
⍟ Attending the Sessions - watch at your own convenience
⍟ Needing 15-20 minutes of Your Time everyday, with your Baby

What You Discover?

⍟ Intermediate activities/exercises explained in a short video
⍟ Each activity has a reference Video Guide and Tips & Tricks for Parents & Caregivers
⍟ Our activities allow your baby yo 'learn through play' with NO Screen-time

What Secrets are revealed?

⍟ Know how it's possible to unlock your baby’s unique abilities before they turn 3 years
⍟ Know what your baby needs for early-brain stimulation
⍟ Know how to play with them to promote early sensory development and skills like - crawling, walking, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, intelligence, self-regulation, etc.

What Materials are needed for Activities?

⍟ Know which right developmental inputs are needed in the first three years of a child
⍟ Know how Simple Experiences at-home can be used to awaken your baby's unconscious genius
⍟ Know how readily available Household Materials can be used to stimulate their sensory development

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⍟ Attend the Sessions At-Your-Own-Convenience
⍟ Full Money-Back-Guarantee - No questions asked

Don’t just take our word for it! Our Program is backed by Science and Research

Research work of experts in leading institution - Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University^

Based on research work and careful review of updated materials available at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University^ :-

  • The early years are the most active period for establishing neural connections. More importantly, the connections that form early provide either a strong or weak foundation for the connections that form later.
  • Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health.

Research work of our core team - an experienced tech-branding-marketing squad consulting well-known Baby & Infant care retail brands.

3 years (4000+ hours) of research & application by our Chief Baby Officer himself, on :

  • Consultation, placement and brand equity building for baby & infant care brands, in the Indian online & offline retail market
  • Studying lots & lots of science-backed materials on the incredible benefits of Early-Learning for Children
  • Discovering and experiencing – ‘how our CBO could help his own baby learn in the first few years of his life’.
  • Finding about – ‘can just the best of toys & clothes get too much or too little stimulation in any baby’s development and growth phase?’.


Our play-based activities will help your kid develop fundamentally strong athleticism, creativity and intelligence.

Development of Visual Sensory Pathway

Builds Recognition Auditory Memory

Develops Logical & Independent Thinking Skills

Development of Language Skills, Speech & Vocabulary Expansion

Builds Focus & Concentration

Development of Communication & Social Skills

Develops Early Reading Habit

Imagination & Brain Development

Development of Holistic Music Skills

Pincer Grasp Development, building Future Endurance for Physical Activity

Ability to Compare & Assess Real-life Objects

Builds Mathematical Reasoning & Problem Solving Skills


Reserve a seat now to unlock Bonuses worth ₹4999. This offer is never heard before.