PSK 'Raise a Prodigy Kid' Connected Play-Kit

Sensory activities for infants thoughtfully crafted using design & technology, with No screen-time for your little one!

PSK Suite Of Digital Apps For Parents (mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop)

πŸš€ Science-proven developmental and sensory activities for infants.

πŸš€ Internationally benchmarked cirriculum that offers language, logic, sensory, memory & cognitive inputs to maximize development opportunity from birth.

πŸš€ Real life parent-baby activity video guides, & tips by astro PSK, for parents.

πŸš€ Play-based daily missions to achieve great outcomes for your baby.

πŸš€ Challenges & exciting rewards for parents, caregivers & our adorable little ones.

Sensory Play Materials For Early Childhood Experiences

πŸš€ Builds curiosity, new skills and encourages exploration.

πŸš€ Tailored to your baby’s age.

πŸš€ Offers hundreds of other developmental inputs to your baby.

πŸš€ Thoughtful materials for : Story-telling, Visual Learning, Show-Cards & more..

How It Works?

I. Sign Up Online for our Program

Discover & Awaken your child’s amazing abilities before the age of 3. Sign up here, One-click Pay, and Get your login credentials to access one of our our program bundle. ZERO SCREEN TIME for Babies.

II. Bonus Gift Box Delivery

An exciting Bundle of Joy gets delivered (for free) at your doorstep, that includes the necessary sensory play materials required while you conduct our play-based activity sessions bundled in our programs. These materials will help children enjoy and sustain our fun sessions.

III. Real life Video Footages for Parents & Caregivers

Get access to our real-life Video footages of baby-at-play with explanations (along with Tips & Tricks) on how to conduct this activity and how the activity supports your baby’s early development, specially curated for Parents & Caregivers. You now get ready to conduct our play-based learning activity sessions with your baby, from the comfort of your home.

IV. Monitor Daily Progress

You can monitor the progress of each activity scheduled in the Plan, and thereby achieve great outcomes for your baby.

Sensory experiences are an integral part of growth for an infant. The tickles, playing with sand, tasting lemon, splashing the water, holding things. All these little adorable things are sensory experiences that help develop the mind of a baby.

Just like the small activities mentioned above, there are many such sensory play activities that have the following benefits:

  1. Exposure to body awareness and the function of body parts
  2. Stimulation and development of all 5 senses like sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing
  3. Ease of comfort in unknown and unfamiliar situations
  4. Gives a chance of gradual exposure to all senses rather than an instant one
  5. Develops a base for the problem-solving skills
  6. Reduces anxiety and triggers thought processes thus increasing the number of synapses in the brain
  7. Introduces infants to cause and effect phenomenon of things.

Now all these things may seem too much considering that we are talking about babies who really can’t do much. But what we mean here is that babies can’t do much physically, however, their mind is hyper-active and ever-present. They are always concentrating on things that are around them. The fan, the chandelier, someone coming up and trying to please them, all such things intrigue them.

Here are some sensory activities for infants that they can benefit from:

  1. Cuddling With Your Newborn will help them experience affection
  2. Talking to your little munchkin in as they might try to respond
  3. Face to Face Time will trigger their thought process
  4. Singing a song will trigger their hearing response
  5. Introduce Tummy Time
  6. Give your child some time while they lay on their back.
  7. Give gentle massages

Here you go, try out these activities for the sensory development of your baby and without any doubt, you’ll see the benefits. You will be laying the foundation for your baby’s holistic growth and development.