Early Learning-through-Play, that comes before Pre-School

Brain behind the PSK Early Learning System for Babies

While in Mighty Raju (a character close to Arjun’s heart), one of the most popular animated Indian television series, we were introduced to Mighty Raju – a Superhero Kid, highly intelligent, having super-powers with strong moral code and willingness to risk his own safety in the service of good without any expectation of reward, while he demonstrates great values for kids to learn and implement.


In real-life, Prodigy Super Kids (PSK) Founder, Arjun Seth – member of Early Childhood Association of India, Branding & Marketing Consultant holding rich experience of advising and managing more than a dozen brands (both Indian and International) from BabyCare, Infant and Kids consumer product categories – Chhota Bheem, Mighty Raju, PJ Masks, Cartoon Network properties (PowerPuff Girls, BEN10, Johny Bravo, etc.), Peppa Pig, Sunbaby India and Centy Toys among others, and an IIM Nagpur Alumini, has conceptualized a System, that helps Parents, Guardians and their Families Unlock their 0 to 2 year old baby’s inherent genius and unique abilities, and Curating Experiences which will embed in babies the moral code, great values, intelligence, confidence, resilience, perseverance, importance of order, and empathy towards their peers and everyone they meet or will meet someone ahead in their lives, hence making them school and most importantly life-ready!

Experiential Note from our Founder

'If Art is a reflection on society, then Early Education & Early Experiences are the Treasure Tools for building your baby's future.'


Arjun Seth

Founder | Chief Baby Officer (CBO)

Prodigy SuperKids

When our Kid Aviraj was very young (about 3 months old), we did not precisely know how to nurture his inherent abilities, develop his babbling, gestural or facial expressions, and how to Incite the Love for Learning, Communication and other 21st Century & Life Skills’ Development in him. Hence, me and my wife started hunting (literally) about the Science and Research behind Early Childhood Learning and Early Brain Development. We bought subscriptions of a few platforms available in the market (back then around September 2020 and thereafter) which were spreading awareness about the ‘Why first 3 years of a child’s life are the most crucial years of their life’. And to our surprise, we came across a few platforms and toy companies in India which promoted the idea of “Same Learning Materials/Toys for all children between the age-group of 0 to 2 years, which sounded unrealistic at that time”, which Parents have been using for quite sometime now without having the right knowledge about the same.

This reality and our own curiosity & intention of giving our own kid the best early learning opportunities to promote his growth and development starting from his early months, triggered us to question ourselves – Can just having fancy looking/expensive materials or developmental toys around our Kid Incite him (or such a young baby) to gain the best learning/output from them, unless a Parent or a Caretaker has the right information about effectively using these materials with their Kids and that they spend Quality Time that is required with each material.

All of this and my own Brand Consultancy/Advisory journey & experience of helping ‘Kids and Infant Care Brands’ deliver the right message to their audiences (majorly Parents and Child-Minded people), is what triggered me to deep dive into this domain of “Early Brain Development and Ways of Early Skills Development in Infants and Toddlers’, and I started researching and going through reading a lot of studies and articles w.r.t.- the various concepts established over decades of neuroscience, importance of early learning for Infants and Toddlers, and child psychology in early years. The Key Areas of Research were :

1). Center on the Developing Child at the HARVARD UNIVERSITY and the ‘National Scientific Council on the Developing Child’ – that illustrates ‘Why Is Early Childhood Learning Important, How does it happen, it’s Benefits, and What Can Parents and their Families Do to Support their Development from Birth?’

2). UNICEF for every Child




Amongst other key scientific and research-based facts, we found that :-

 85% of brain development happens during the first 2 precious years of one’s life, after which neurons (nerve cells that receive information) are reduced through a process called pruning.

 Newborns and Infants naturally reach out for interaction through babbling, facial expressions, and gestures, and expect adults to respond with the same kind of vocalizing and gesturing back at them. In the absence of such responses, or if the responses are unreliable or inappropriate — their brain’s architecture does not form as expected, which can lead to disparities in long-term learning and behaviour of babies.

 Early childhood experiences affect not only early learning and school readiness, but also lifelong health of our children.

How a Unique Solution was created to support both Kids and Parents

Using the best out of my Research, and my own Parenting & Professional Journey – I started applying various methods, using different materials and activities – to build Curiosity for Learning in my Kid and giving him early experiences around different real-life concepts and logics, right from when he was an Infant, till he turned a toddler and beyond. As a result, my son started showing all-round early development, like walking independently before than usual, eating independently before what we expected (and what research said) and read about, picking things with a great grip, memorizing & identifying things and babbling object names before what we expected (and what research said), memorizing audio songs and more miraculous results in his early months. We then got blessed with our 2nd child (Daughter) and applied the same methods with her as well, and to our little surprise we discovered tremendous results with her as well.

With almost 15 months of Research and after Practically doing our Activities with both our Kids, me and my wife internally concluded that there were hardly any holistic platforms in India that were providing opportunities for Parents to stimulate brain development and Incite Early Skills Development in their Infant & Toddler with age-appropriate solutions, that is that were providing :

a). The Right Developmental Inputs to Kids at the Right Time, and

b). Practically applied Knowledge for Parents – to Kindle the Love for Learning  in their Kid from – as they turn 2 months old.


We saw THE GAP in the market which could be filled with “An age-appropriate Holistic Solution” providing opportunities for Parents to stimulate brain development and Incite Early Skills Development in their Infant & Toddler :-

Hence, we started working on a system and finally after all the research we curated our Holistic Program (Solution) that supports Parents and Caretakers with Age-appropriate Learning Kits, that is – 7 Subscription Learning Kits that support kids between the age of 2 months and 28 months, and where the Subscriber can easily Pay-as-they-Go (one kit at a time). Our Program is a Unique ‘Research + Science + Experts’ backed Experiential Early Childhood Learning Framework for Infants and Toddlers designed around ASTRO-SPACE THEME, and provides :-

a). FOR KIDS :  Practically-done and Research-based Activities + Developmental Materials for Kids.

b). FOR PARENTS : Knowledge (Video Guides of Parents and Kids featuring in activity Sessions + Calendar that guides which material to be used how and at what stage/day, and Tips from their Parenting Coach) for Parents on our web app (dashboard) – to Kindle the Love for Learning  in their Kid right at different stages of their development.

Leadership Team

We are a passionate squad, busy inventing the future of early education & learning by turning the latest discoveries into effective educational initiatives.

Arjun Seth

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Jaanvi N Seth

Cofounder | VP - Content & Research