Presenting India's 1st Conceptual Missional Program to Raise a Prodigy Kid thoughtfully designed to

Unlock your Newborn Baby's genius and unique abilities

If you are a Parent or a Guardian to Kid(s) aged between 0 to 3 years, you will love to hear what your little one can do when exposed to PSK’s Learn-through-Play method to ‘Raising a Prodigy Super Kid’! Purposeful Playtime with stage-based play activities and essentials curated for your kid’s brain development to empower you to feel super-confident and super-happy to be your kid’s First Guide.

PSK 'Raise a Prodigy Kid' Missional Program, by Arjun Seth

7-Level PSK Program:

Done-For-You Online Dashboard for Parents.
Early Learning through Play Activities for Kids.

★ Premium Learning Materials - sent every three months, up to 24 months.
★ Catered to your child's specific stage of brain development.
★ Daily Video Guides & Tips for Parents | Zero Screen-time for babies.
★ Private Membership - PSK Parent Community.
★ Certificate of Participation - accredited by ECA & APER.
★ 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

85% of the brain is formed by age 3 - the prime time for Sensory stimulation and exposure to many different experiences. To empower Parents & Caregivers to capture this precious 0-3 year window, we created the perfect baby system and that is PSK "Raise a Prodigy Kid" framework.

How PSK supports both babies & parents during the most crucial years of brain development

Internationally Benchmarked Prodigy Framework

Our Genius Curriculum is backed by research done by experts in the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University’^ and the ‘National Scientific Council on the Developing Child.^ and aggregates how early learning affects school readiness and lifelong health of our children.

No more Guesswork! We have done the research work for you.

Just relax and spend less time researching & reading an end number of books to figure out how to stimulate your baby’s growth before preschool, as we have done that for you with the right developmental inputs that your baby needs from Day 1, and more time connecting with your child.

Playtime with Learning-based Missions

We have designed a world of ‘Play & Learn’ activities that you can use to awaken your baby’s inborn genius and help them access their hidden potential before the age of 2.

Stimulating your Baby's Five Senses & Development

Our Prodigy Missions stimulates the Five Senses of Touch, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Hearing, encompasses your child’s creativity & imagination, develops cognitive, physical, social, emotional & motor skills, and teaches self-expression.

Parenting Made Easier, Fun & Engaging

Access the PSK Connected Play-Kit, thoughtfully crafted using design & technology. The Kit comes to your home with PSK Sensory Materials and a Digital Dashboard for Parents with real-life activity video guides. There are a lot of benefits that come with each activity session, along with research-based tips & tricks on ways to conduct the activities that easily fit into your family’s life.

Our Programs are Conceptualized, Curated & Vetted, By A Diverse Team Of Experts

Here are the various Benefits your child gets by Starting Early with PSK

Development of Visual Sensory Pathway

Builds Recognition Auditory Memory

Develops Logical & Independent Thinking Skills

Development of Language Skills, Speech & Vocabulary Expansion

Builds Focus & Concentration

Development of Communication & Social Skills

Develops Early Reading Habit

Imagination & Brain Development

Development of Holistic Music Skills

Pincer Grasp Development, building Future Endurance for Physical Activity

Ability to Compare & Assess Real-life Objects

Builds Mathematical Reasoning & Problem Solving Skills

Still finding it difficult to believe us? Don’t take our word for it!

Check out for yourself what Real Parents, just like you, are saying about the Prodigy Super Kids programs

Gurpreet and Sunny

It’s a great initiative .. as new / first time parents we don’t know how to manage the new bundle of joy or how to keep them occupied .. in my opinion such professional learning & guidance not only makes the journey smooth but also gives a lot of happiness & confidence to the new parents & the child both .. cheers 👍👍


An over exhausted mom of two boys… just went through this amazing app called PSK… I must say its seems very useful and may prove an efficient technique towards the growth of our little ones.

Sonali Arora

For parents of this generation where screen time is an easy way out… this one is highly recommended 👌 I loved the concepts nd model that aims not only on our child’s developmental growth but its health in the longer run too. Hoping to see a superkid in my child too 🙂

Ankita Kashyap

PSK is beautifully designed course. PSK supports not only babies.. it also supports parents during the most crucial years of brain development of Baby.. thanks for the beautiful course.
I would love to attend its programs nd upcoming sessions 😊

Dipty Roshan

Quality Parenting can be challenging in this digital age, while apps PSK have the potential to make parenting easier by its unique methodology. This had made motherhood much easier for me and satisfactory too. Thank you PSK


Your baby benefits from each activity that we have curated to stimulate their growth

Know what your baby needs for brain-stimulating play and how to play with them to promote their development.

Connect with your baby thru play as you tune into their stages of development and support them to reach new milestones.

Learn how to use play to promote rolling, crawling, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, self-regulation, etc.


Check out for yourself, the kind of miracles kids show
after they master the Prodigy Super Kids activities.



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