Empowering Parents with Practically Applied Methods, Activities and Materials - to Incite Early Skills' Development in Newborns, Infants & Toddlers.

Age-Appropriate Solutions designed to Boost Early
Brain Stimulation & Holistic Skills' Development
in Kids between 1 Month and 3 Years.

A Unique "Research + Science + Experts' backed Experiential Early Childhood Learning Framework for Infants and Toddlers" designed around ASTRO-SPACE THEME. A Comprehensive platform that support Parents with Our 'Age-appropriate Early Childhood Learning-through-Play Materials + Exclusive Parenting Knowledge App' to kindle the Love for Learning in their Kids from a very young age, specially created to support :-

With Early Brain Development Inputs :

☑ Age-appropriate Early Learning, Educational and All-Round Skills' Development Materials (shipped to your doorsteps inside our Materials' Box).

☑ Supporting Activities (to be conducted with our Materials only) for the Right Early Stimulation and Skills' Development, during their most precious early years when their Brain is Most Flexible & Efficient to learn and grow, utilizing their inherent potential and genius abilities.

With our Learning-based Parenting App :

☑ Expert Tips' Video Guides on 'How to promote Early Skills' Development in Kids while they 'Learn-through-Play' using our activities and materials.

☑ Expert Tips on How to conduct the activity sessions and make your Kid comfortable for every activity.

☑ Stress-buster & Fun filled Animated Video Guides (for Parents only).

☑ And much more excitement and Parenting fun..


Unique amalgamation of Our 'Age-appropriate Early Childhood Learning-through-Play Materials + Exclusive Parenting Knowledge App', curated to help you kindle the Love for Learning in your Kids from a very young age.

Trusted by Top Child Care Institutions, Top Organizations that promote segments like Mother & Child, Toys and STEM Education, and Top Educationists (IIMs).

Methodolgies That Help You Raise Your Own Prodigy Kid In The The Most Easy, Fun And Meaningful Ways

Our Commander & Guide ASTRO PSK

Helps you understand ‘How Kids Learn and develop Fundamental Life Skills during the first 3 years using our Activities and Materials’, which stays with them throughout their life.

No More Guesswork and Research for Parents

We have taken out the guesswork, confusion & research-time from Parents’ life around the ‘developmental inputs your Kid will need in early years’.

Parenting made easy.

Helping Parents kindle the love for learning in their Kid with joy and confidence, by accessing our expert research, tips, ways to play, and activity ideas that fit into their family’s routine and life.

Right Materials at Right Time.

So Parents can Nurture their Kid’s independence, individuality, and learning during most crucial 0-3 year developmental window – with activities and learning materials that are designed to support your baby’s specific stage of development.

"Our Techniques have shown Miraculous Results when applied on Babies and have helped Early Brain and All-Round Skills' Development of Very Young Kids. Our Age-appropriate Solutions are designed for Parents who are searching for the Right & Purposeful approaches to 'Make their Kid School & Future Ready' with 21st Century Skills, Strong Foundations, Confidence and Resilience."

Still finding it difficult to believe us? Don’t take our word for it!

Check out for yourself what Real Parents, just like you, are saying about the Prodigy Super Kids programs

Gurpreet and Sunny

It’s a great initiative .. as new / first time parents we don’t know how to manage the new bundle of joy or how to keep them occupied .. in my opinion such professional learning & guidance not only makes the journey smooth but also gives a lot of happiness & confidence to the new parents & the child both .. cheers 👍👍


An over exhausted mom of two boys… just went through this amazing app called PSK… I must say its seems very useful and may prove an efficient technique towards the growth of our little ones.

Sonali Arora

For parents of this generation where screen time is an easy way out… this one is highly recommended 👌 I loved the concepts nd model that aims not only on our child’s developmental growth but its health in the longer run too. Hoping to see a superkid in my child too 🙂

Ankita Kashyap

PSK is beautifully designed course. PSK supports not only babies.. it also supports parents during the most crucial years of brain development of Baby.. thanks for the beautiful course.
I would love to attend its programs nd upcoming sessions 😊

Dipty Roshan

Quality Parenting can be challenging in this digital age, while apps PSK have the potential to make parenting easier by its unique methodology. This had made motherhood much easier for me and satisfactory too. Thank you PSK


We have gone through the Research established for over 100 Years in the Field Of Human Brain Development and Learning In Early Childhood, before our Unique Framework was born.

Our Framework is Backed by Science

Our Framework is Backed by Research and Studies

Our Framework is Trusted by Industry Experts & Institutions


Achieve Milestones Earlier than Usual


Check out for yourself, how Prodigy Super Kids' programs have helped Parents Unlock their Kid's Genius Abilities and transformed their Parenting Journey.



Origins of the Prodigy Supers Kids Missional Programs

Origins of PSK-1f

Prodigy Super Kids (PSK) was created by Arjun and Jaanvi Seth, under their company Max Marvel Private Limited.

An IIM Alumni, Arjun has been a Branding & Marketing Consultant for more than a decade, holding rich experience of advising and managing more than a dozen brands (both Indian and International) in Lifestyle, BabyCare, Infant and Kids consumer product categories, including kids' favorite character brands like Chhota Bheem, Mighty Raju, PJ Masks, Cartoon Network properties (PowerPuff Girls, BEN10, Johny Bravo, etc.), Peppa Pig, among others.

He assembled a team of Newborn & Child Specialists, Expert Educators, and Infant Brand Professionals, and put together his experience to conceptualise the First ever Early Skills Development Astro-Themed Missional Program that helps Parents, Guardians and their Families Unlock their 0 to 3 year old baby’s inherent genius and unique abilities.

Apart from managing 2 Super Kids, Super Mom Jaanvi is the Chief In-charge of PSK Parent Community, where Parents get the opportunity to connect and learn from experiences of like-minded Parents and reach out to our Parent Support team..

The entire PSK Learning Team has been Curating Experiences which will embed in babies the moral code, great values, intelligence, confidence, resilience, perseverance, importance of order, and empathy towards their peers and everyone they meet or will meet someone ahead in their lives, hence making them school and most importantly life-ready!


Our Programs are Created and Conceptualized to boost All Round Skills Development in your Kid

Development of Visual Sensory Pathway and Photographic Memory

Builds Curiosity, Recognition & Auditory Memory

Develops Logical & Independent Thinking Skills, and Tactile Sense

Development of Language Skills, Speech & Vocabulary Expansion

Builds Focus, Concentration, and Imagination Skills

Development of Confidence, Communication, Social & Emotional Skills

Development of Early Self-Reading Habits

Builds Confidence, Positive Attitude, Right Habits, Civic Sense, Value System

Development of Pitch Perfect Music Sense, and Love for Music

Pincer Grasp Development, building Future Endurance for Physical Activities

Builds Ability to Compare & Assess Real-life Objects

Builds Reasoning, Problem Solving & Mathematical Skills